Asphalt Shingle roof


What We Do

If you ever have a leaky roof or are in need of an inspection we come out and take pictures and video for you to view. Pictures and Videos don't lie. This will better help you understand what needs to happen in order to be service you. There are many issues that can occur when it comes to your roof. Scroll down to see just a few.


Pipe Collar

Many times we hear "I just got my roof replaced 5 years ago. It's a 30 year roof. I don't need an inspection." Only part of your roof is meant to last 15+ years. When it comes to the caulking and the "plastic" pieces on your roof, these items don't last but a couple years and afterwards need yearly maintenance to protect you against damaging your plywood under the shingle, ceilings, and flooring in the house. As you can see in this picture the boot has separated allowing rain to enter into the attic space and into the main living area. Many times homeowners don't know they have an issue until its to late. 


Nail Pop

 As the seasons change the plywood under the shingles get hot and cold causing it to expand and contract. This forces the roof nail up causing a nail pop. In this situation the nail forced it's way through the shingle causing the homeowner to have water damage inside their home. 


Hail Damage

 Hail can prematurely age your roof. When the hail strikes the shingle it creates bruising. Bruising is when the the granules on the shingle come off due to the hail striking the shingle, which will also expose the fiberglass of the shingle. So now what you are left with are bare spots on your shingle exposed to the sun aging it prematurely. This is the time to get an insurance claim going. If you wait to long the insurance company may not cover your roof. 


Loose Shingles / Wind Damage

Over time during high winds shingles can become loose. The wind blows so hard it gets under the lip of a shingle and begins to loosen it up causing it to flip backwards. This creates a domino effect casuing more shingles to become loose ripping them from the roof. Most times wind damage is covered under your insurance policy.