Yearly Preventative Maintenance Plans

Premium Package

The first year you pay $299.00. The following year you only pay $175.00 for all 3 services: Roof Inspection/Repair, HVAC Inspection/Cleaning, and Gutter Cleaning. 

Roof Package

The first year you pay $250.00. The following year you only pay $150.00 to have your roof inspected and freshened up. This also includes during that year if you have any issues pertaining to your roof we will come out, look at it, and fix any minor issues for FREE! *This only pertains to items on the roof we touched and fixed. Any new issues will be evaluated accordingly.*


  • What happens when I skip a year? Do I have to pay full price to get the service back?
    • Yes. In order to keep the package and all of its perks you would have to stay current on the yearly payment without skipping a year. In the event that you did skip a year, you would be invoiced the full price for us to come back and repair any issues.
  • How long do I have to sign-up/renew for the yearly warranty package?
    • We will work off the invoice date and it will be required for you to have service performed within 30 days after 1 year from the invoice date. We will also send you a letter in the mail to remind you that you are coming up on your 1 year end date for service. 
  • What does your Premium Package include?
  • What does your Roof Package include?
    • Inspect your shingles for wind and hail damage
    • Inspect all penetrations in your roof including: pipe boots, box vents, chimneys, etc.
    • Repair nail pops, blown off shingles, and any penetrations that have failed inspection
    • Repair includes 3 tubes of commercial grade caulk to do any necessary repairs to the roof.
  • What if the repair takes more then 3 tubes of caulk to repair my roof?
    • After inspecting the roof, we will be able to determine how many tubes your roof repair will take. If we believe it will take more then the 3 tubes of caulk, we will notify you immediately in what we found. We will then discuss the extra cost with you so you can make a better judgment call on what you would like to do.